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Reducing your Reliance on OTAs – Webinar Recording.


Are you a Tourism business in Cumbria?

Then this webinar will help you learn ways to upgrade your customer relationships and journeys while reducing your reliance on OTAs. This will provide more resilience as well as reduce costs of bookings.

What will you learn:

  • How to define your customer journey
  • Key focus points to help you get more direct traffic
  • Top tips on upgrading your customer relationships
  • What to focus on day to day to keep your customers coming back.

Hosted By:

Emily Whitehead

I am the founder of Simply Great Britain and have worked in business as a trainer, speaker, coach and mentor for over 20 years. My approach to business is an holistic one, never losing sight of the fact that owning a business has to be sustainable for body, mind and spirit (not to mention the planet).

As a business owner just like you & I am very aware that most people start a business as a result of, or to create change after other careers & lives. I work closely with clients to develop skills and confidence in story-telling, marketing and building a business that creates the life you want.

My approach is down to earth, full of empathy, fun and without the jargon. You can work with me using video calls or in-person if that’s practical.

Guest Speaker:

Dan Visser

Dan Visser Sales & Marketing Director at the Langdale Estate which consists of two hotels, one hundred self-catering properties, bars restaurants spa and leisure facilities. Also a director and vice chair of Cumbria Tourism.

The Langdale Hotel has had a digital only sales and marketing plan for over ten years and has continually reduced the market share of OTAs from a high of 30% to under 10% of bookings with the rest all direct. Brimstone Hotel is 100% direct with no OTA or third party listings.