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How To Make Email Marketing Work For Your Business In 2021 – Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording:

A practical guide to show business why email marketing and increased visitor targeting can improve customer relationships, increase direct bookings & keep visitors engaged even in lockdowns or restrictions.

Data shows that recipients are 20% more likely to take an action as a result of an email compared to a social media post.

Using email to stay connected to your audiences & build relationships that last can be a key part of your strategy for success in 2021.

As you grow an engaged email list of customers, you are also building an asset for your business as well as not always relying on an algorithm to deliver your messages.

This webinar is a one stop shop to help you use email marketing for the first time or upgrade your existing activity.

This webinar will cover:

  • A recap about your brand, values and story to define exactly where the magic is in your business.
  • How to define your customers successfully to support your target marketing activity
  • Ways to create an attractive and compelling email marketing offer including content ideas
  • A practical guide to email marketing platforms, how to set them up or upgrade how you use them
  • Building a customer journey & an email marketing plan for this Winter

Delivered by:

Emily Whitehead