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Getting your Marketing House in Order for 2021 – Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording:

Are you ready for a brighter 2021? After such a challenging 2020, there is now an opportunity to do all you can to attract visitors, reassure and inspire visitors and create a seamless customer journey as they plan their trip to Cumbria.

This webinar is a marketing audit to help you bring together the key elements for a successful marketing plan:

  • How to improve, polish or upgrade your website
  • How to help visitors find your business when they search 
  • Ways to create an impact during key marketing slots like New Year
  • Top tips to reassure visitors that going to Cumbria is safe
  • Ideas to help you stand out & give visitors reasons to stay or join you
  • Understanding your customer base & how it may have changed
  • How to manage all your marketing elements day to day
  • Added extra marketing ideas that make a difference
  • Best ways to shine under the spotlight of Cumbria Tourism

Hosted By:

Emily Whitehead of Digital Tech Cumbria and Sue Clarke of Cumbria Tourism