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How Digital Technology can help Cumbria SMEs recover and thrive in 2021 Webinar Recording

This webinar, delivered as part of the Digital Tech Cumbria programme, looked at how Digital Technology can play a key role in helping Cumbria SMEs to start to recover from the Covid19 pandemic, against a background of changed economic circumstances, people’s attitudes and business.

The Covid19 pandemic has already resulted in significant changes in the way people behave, the way businesses operate and the way the economy works. Many have already adapted but will need to remain vigilant and agile in an environment where change is the constant. Technology enhancements which in normal times would take years are happening in months and even weeks. For those that have yet to start, it may not be too late but the time for action is now.

This thought provoking webinar explored some of the key changes being experienced and to come in the immediate and longer terms. The interactive session also focused on how businesses are adapting through a variety of solutions. 

Using practical examples and Winning Moves revolutionary Digital Transformation Framework, the webinar will help you to consider how you can adapt your business to recapture demand and to thrive through the wider recovery.

More specifically the webinar will help you to think about: 

  • How to adapt your products and services to cater for a new reality. 
  • Opportunities to keep existing and attract new customers quickly.  
  • How technology help you to deliver products and services in more efficient ways. 
  • How you can develop and lead a more flexible yet resilient business. 
  • Developing a digital infrastructure to support your systems and processes.   

Practical Tools and Techniques: 

Delegates will leave with useful tools and techniques that they can use to rework their product and service offering and business model in 2021.

Hosted By:

Mark Modena of Winning Moves