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10 reasons to connect with Digital Tech Cumbria

Most small business owners understand that digital technology is vital to long-term growth and efficiency. But often, we struggle to find the time to take a step back or simply don’t have access to someone who can help.

In this article, we’ve highlighted 10 reasons why you should connect with the free advice and knowledge available from Digital Tech Cumbria.

  • 1. Meet ‘on-demand expectations’

Business is no longer about a 9-5 working day. Our customers expect to connect with our companies at any time of day. From pop-up chat boxes, 24/7 e-commerce and social media messages to late-night emails, customers want to engage or buy when the moment is right for them. Our advisers can show you ways to give your customers a range of ways to keep in touch.

  • 2. Make faster decisions through analytics

Digital analytics offer business owners more valuable data about the running of their business than ever before. It’s possible you already have a wealth of information through your Google account, your social media accounts and other apps you use for your business. But you may not know how to access them or how to interpret the information. Our advisers can help you tap into a wealth of information you never knew you had.

  • 3. Free masterclasses on digital topics

We’ve launched our Digital Skills Academy, where we run in-depth masterclasses on digital topics such as cybersecurity, digital marketing, using The Cloud’ and selling online. Our trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable on these topics, and they will help you create an action plan to help you put that knowledge into practice.

  • 4. Build stronger business partnerships

Businesses are becoming more reliant on each other. Working with suppliers, distributors, sub-contractors, and consultants means that important information continually flows in and out of your business. We can show you ways to make partnerships more efficient and safe.

  • 5. Keeping your data secure

Cybersecurity is no longer a question of ‘if we get a cyber breach’ but ‘when we get a cyber breach’. Data is now the most valuable commodity on the planet, and business owners have a legal responsibility to make sure customer data is kept secure. We have advisers with cybersecurity experience who can help you make sure your IT systems are not wide open to a breach.

  • 6. Help your teams to be more productive

You may have teams working from home, or you may be looking for new ways to keep your teams engaged and more productive. We can offer advice on how your business’s core functions can be made more efficient through digital technology.

  • 7. Free webinars

As well as our Digital Skills Academy, we regularly run free Webinars on crucial topics in the digital space. We often partner with third parties from different sectors who can bring a unique perspective to digital technology for business growth.

  • 8. Plan the future development of your business

Whether you plan to sell your business or pass it on to the next generation, digital technology will play a vital part in future-proofing your business. Working with Digital Tech Cumbria can help you make the right decisions for your business’s long-term growth.

  • 9. Digital technology can help you reduce costs

Times are tough for many businesses in Cumbria, and the road to post Covid-19 recovery will take a little time. Digital technology is not only about spending money. It can help you reduce costs. Our advisers can show you how to make the most of the digital technology you already have and find ways to reduce the business’s overall costs.

  • 10. A package of support and advice worth £5000

The Digital Tech Cumbria support available to small businesses in Cumbria is worth around £5000. Our team of advisers are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about business, technology and growth.

We’ve given you 10 reasons why we believe you should sign up for the Digital Tech Cumbria support package. Why not get in touch and discuss how we can help you?

To find out more, please contact Janet Addison on 07946720752 or click here to express your interest.