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New Digital Skills Academy offers Cumbrian businesses access to expert masterclasses

Launches 16th March with “Increase your sales through a powerful digital marketing strategy.”

Digital technology has changed the way we work, live and communicate with each other. It impacts the way we run our businesses, how we manage our money, and how we find new customers.

To survive and thrive, Cumbrian businesses need to consider new ways to leverage digital technology in their day-to-day processes. In addition, the county needs a digitally savvy workforce that can operate and maximise the benefits that digital techniques can deliver.

Digital Tech Cumbria launches The Digital Skills Academy

The Digital Skills Academy offers eligible Cumbrian businesses access to an exciting range of practical online masterclasses and on-demand workshops designed to develop and hone digital skills across the county. Topics include:

  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce
  • New product/service development
  • Cloud computing

Increase our sales through a powerful digital marketing strategy

3-part masterclasses – 16th, 24th, 31st March

The Digital Skills Academy kicks off on the 16th March with a three-part series called “Increase your sales through a powerful digital marketing strategy” run by Emily Whitehead. Emily is an experienced trainer on digital marketing and has strong expertise in the hospitality industry, which is pertinent to Cumbria and the Lake District.

The series of three workshops will cover:

  • Defining where you are on your digital marketing journey
  • Reviewing your assets and tools and make the most of what you already have
  • Creating a plan for your digital marketing tactics
  • Practical implementation of your digital marketing strategy

By the end of the three masterclasses, you will have developed a digital marketing strategy and a deliverable implementation plan.

Other key dates

Dates have now been confirmed for the following masterclasses:

  • How to sell your products through online sales platforms – starting 18 March
  • Developing a Cyber Secure Business – starting 15 April
  • Moving your business to the cloud – starting 6 May
  • Developing standout products & services with digital technology – starting 11 May
  • Increasing profit through the automation of simple and repetitive tasks – starting 17 June

Find out if you are eligible for our free Digital Skills Academy masterclasses

The Digital Skills Academy is for small and medium-sized enterprises across Cumbria who have been accepted onto the Digital Tech Cumbria support programme.

The programme supports companies in tourism, manufacturing, professional services, and many B2B sectors. It offers access to local digital technology experts, exemplar visits where you can see digital technologies in action and access to technology showcases that help you learn about, interact and test-drive the latest digital technologies.

You need to be an independent SME that has been trading for at least 12 months and registered in Cumbria.

To apply for the Digital Skills Academy and the other wide range of support from Digital Tech Cumbria, click here for details.