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6 reasons why digital technology is the secret of business success

Digital Tech Cumbria is all about helping Cumbrian businesses to embrace digital technology and thrive. Here are just six of the reasons why digital tech and skills are the secret of business success.

Reason 1. Businesses who effectively adopt digital technology typically grow 30% faster.

They gather more usable data and understand where their growth is coming from so they can maximise it. They can work out which half of their marketing spend is creating the new sales enquiries so that they can optimise their investment. Their staff can spend their time on the important aspects of customer relationships, R&D and problem solving rather than the repetitive tasks that digital technology could do for them.

Reason 2. Using the right technologies can add 20% to your bottom line – that’s 20% more profitable.

It could be manufacturing improvements that use a digital approach to improve quality and reduce waste. It could be an online accounting system that reduces the amount of resources (or the bills) associated with accounts, tax returns and audits. It could even be a unique approach to packaging that reduces your delivery costs or warehousing technology that speeds up your logistics. There are so many ways that digital technology could improve your business’s profitability – as long as you make the right investments and address the priorities, which is where an expert adviser with no sales connections could make all the difference.

Reason 3. Technology can save 71% of the time needed to make a sale.

Whether it’s more effective telephony, access to reliable customer information or simply the availability of video calls with your customer rather than long journeys, digital technology can support every stage of your marketing, sales and distribution processes.

Reason 4. Digital developments mean you can work anywhere and offer flexible working arrangements to your team.

That also means you can recruit from a wider geographical pool and recruit the best people for your business. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the pros and cons of working from home. Businesses that could give simple and reliable access to data and systems were the ones that thrived in the new environment and home workers with good broadband avoided a lot of the frustrations of the new restrictions too. Digital Tech Cumbria is working with Connecting Cumbria to support SMEs in improving their broadband speeds and reliability so please get in touch if you know there’s room for improvement.

Reason 5. Technology will help you find and retain customers.

Whether it’s targeted social media advertising or online research to find possible partners and clients, digital tools enable businesses to reach beyond their immediate localities into new areas and sectors. But it’s not just about finding new customers; it’s also important to retain and develop existing contacts too and a good Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) system can keep clear records so that you build those links every time you have a contact.

Reason 6. And, as your implementation of digital technology increases, it is technology that keeps your business secure too.

Data protection is just one aspect of this – although it pays to understand your legal obligations and to ensure that you’re registered as a business. Digital Tech Cumbria advisers can explain the software that could help as well as the business processes to keep you, your customers and your business safe. There’s cyber security training webinars coming soon to our Digital Skills Academy too.

But even the most up-to-date Artificial Intelligence, online chatbots, manufacturing robots and social media algorithms can’t do everything that your business needs. You won’t get the most out of your investments in tech if you don’t invest in your team too.

Digital Tech Cumbria has some of the answers to skills needs with its Digital Skills Academy and full webinar programme. All the details are on the Digital Tech Cumbria website and, once a business is involved in DTC, any member of staff can access the online training and other Digital Insights resources.