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Attracting the right people to your website – not just more people – Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording:

Often businesses wear having lots of website visitors as a badge of honour – here we’ll look at how to get the right people to your website; not just more people. A marketer’s guide to attracting the right people to your website.

This webinar, delivered as part of the Digital Tech Cumbria programme along with CDI Alliance, will leave you with a greater understanding of the need to get the right people to your website and how to do this for your business.

  • the basics of search engine optimisation,
  • why your keywords might not be the right keywords
  • the importance of knowing your audience
  • how to generate content ideas.

Presented By:

Deborah Goodall – CDI Alliance

Presented by Deborah Goodall, who has 25 years experience of growing businesses through effective marketing – including visitor attractions and destination food halls and cafes. Deborah specialises in marketing strategy through understanding target audiences and their triggers and motivations.

Deborah is commercially astute and has experience in B2B and B2C environments and has a passion for direct marketing. She has been running masterclasses and workshops since 2009 and provides content to help businesses make the most of their marketing potential – and open their eyes to some of the ways to reach the modern consumer.

Deborah was elected to Fellow status by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2019 in recognition of her coaching and consultancy experience.