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How to use Facebook in your business – Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording:

Many businesses approach Facebook as just another marketing platform – however there are opportunities to integrate the platform into your business.

With over 2.5 billion users Facebook shows no signs of slowing down with the average time a user spends on Facebook daily, now over 30 minutes.

But many businesses approach Facebook as just another marketing platform – setting up a page with the sole intention of selling and missing the opportunities that Facebook offers to integrate the platform into your business to enable it to help with important tasks.

This webinar, delivered as part of the Digital Tech Cumbria programme along with CDI Alliance, will show you the important things to do, and do not, in Facebook.

We’ll look at:
  • How to create a great first impression,
  • How to set up a business page including private messaging for customer service enquiries
  • How to build a community with a Facebook group.
  • Leave you with a greater understanding of the need to get the right people to your website and how to do this for your business.
  • Ensure the people that visit your site are those who you want by understanding:

Presented By:

Liam Lally

Liam is an excellent presenter with years of experience and knowledge.

As social networking / social media become an integral part of SEO, we also offer advice, management and training on social networking including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook business pages.

A Certified Hootsuite Professional – Https://

His agency is also Google AdWords certified partner, offering advice, training, or management of Google AdWords PPC campaigns. and understands the importance of a first page listing on Google for key phrases, that are likely to bring your business to a new audience.

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