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Bitesize training to tackle digital challenges

The team at Digital Tech Cumbria understands that not every business has time for extended training. Some will prefer bitesize webinars that focus on a particular topic. For instance, the Digital Marketing strand in our Digital Skills Academy may be exactly what some need but, for others, an hour focused on Using Instagram for Business or Making Your Website Earn Its Keep could be much more feasible.

So we’ve teamed up with CDI Alliance to share a dozen webinars that, together, cover a wide range of digital marketing challenges and, separately, could be just the support you need to sort out your priority tasks.

Here are just three reasons why it’s worth taking a look at the webinars on offer:

1. You don’t have to be the only one involved.

Although aimed at the Cumbrian SMEs already involved in Digital Tech Cumbria, the webinars are open to anyone. That means that your suppliers, clients or partners could join in. And it means that any member of your team could take part – it doesn’t have to be you.

2. There’s big picture and there’s up close.

The webinar running on Tuesday 30 March is An Introduction to Digital Marketing – ideal if you’re trying to get your head around the online tools available and how they might fit together for your business. On Tuesday 6 April, thre’s an overview of Developing an Effective Marketing Plan because, as you know, digital isn’t the only tool in the box.

Those cover the big picture but, if you’re beyond that stage and want to get into the details, the Tuesday webinars in late April and into May look at one social medium at a time in each session. The team from CDI Alliance start with Facebook and then look at Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. With those key four covered, 25 May is a quick look at the alternative platforms and 1 June is all about simplifying your approach.

3. Working on your website is crucial if you’re going to convert all that social media activity into sales.

You have a lot more control over your website than you do over social media platforms and it’s your website that’s really the shop window for your business. You need to know it’s doing a good job for you.

The webinar on 13 April is on Making Your Website Earn Its Keep and then, the follow week, it’s all about Attracting the Right People to Your Website – Not Just More People. These will be practical sessions that should give you plenty of ideas for tweaks and updates that will make a difference.

Those are just three reasons to have a look at our forthcoming webinar schedule. They’re all listed on the Digital Insights / Forthcoming Events page and then there’s an easy link from each page to book a place via eventbrite. Hope to “meet” you soon.