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Digital Skills Academy: Developing Standout products & services with digital technology

Facilitated by global innovation consultants, Edenic Group, you will discover key methodologies and tools for developing a new product or service. Throughout this process, you will be presented with the key fundamentals for delivering successful innovation within your business. Areas such as the importance of digital technology and using this to grow and future proof your business; building an innovation culture to ensure innovation is “always on”, and identifying customer needs to ensure you are always adding value will all be covered in this series of three interactive and hands-on workshops.

You will also learn how to develop new product ideas and a framework for developing these ideas into successful products or services.

Masterclass Dates:

  • Workshop 1: Tuesday 7th September 2021 – 1 to 3pm
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 14th September 2021 – 1 to 3pm
  • Workshop 3: Tuesday 21st September 2021 – 1 to 3pm

Workshop 1: Identifying opportunities for digital innovation

This two-hour workshop will begin the development of your digital innovation plan:

  • What is Innovation and why is it important to develop new products/services to future proof and grow?
  • Building the right mindset and culture for new ideas and developing products or services.
  • How digital technology can support product and service innovation and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Think about your own business and core product/service offer, what ideas can you think of to add value, make it appealing to different markets or change the way your customers use and access the product?
  • Post workshop exercise: develop an innovation team and begin to identify ideas and opportunities to innovate your products, services and customer experience through the application of digital technology.

Workshop 2: Developing and moving your ideas forwards

The second of three workshops will begin to build and grow your ideas to help you stand out from the competition.

  • Discussion to review the post workshop exercise including the formation of innovation teams, the ideas that have been developed and how digital technology will amplify them.
  • Focus on growing ideas and thinking differently through creative techniques and group discussion and insights.
  • Introduce the Innovation Sprint process and Edenic’s 5 E’s to developing a successful digital product
  • Use techniques to develop a deeper understanding of customers and to develop idea and innovations that add value to their product and service experience.
  • Post workshop exercise: Bring your innovation team together and run a mini innovation sprint process to develop new product ideas.

Workshop 3: Building and sustaining innovation momentum

This workshop will focus on developing a plan to move the ideas developed through the innovation sprint forward.

  • Deliver a short 5 min ‘pitch’ to explain your new product ideas developed through the in company sprint process and sell it to the group.
  • Top tips and recommendations for building a product portfolio.
  • How to create an environment where innovation is ‘always on’ and the development of an innovation culture.
  • Identify the support are resources required to implement your plan and how Digital Tech Cumbria can help.

About the facilitator:

Wayne Willis:

Wayne is a senior marketing professional with over five years’ experience working at board level. As a former advertising agency director, he has extensive experience of developing strategic marketing and communications campaigns, including creative projects for UK wide brands, agencies and arts organisations.

As a multi-disciplined project manager, he has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, advertising, campaign strategy, events and account management. For the last two years he has worked as partner and consultant of innovation consultancy, Edenic Group helping businesses to Be Disruptive, Embrace Digital and Think Differently. He also continues to work in marketing on a consultative basis.

Wayne is an active musician and have recorded and toured the world for the last 20 years.