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Digital Skills Academy: Moving your business to the Cloud – for better efficiency, resilience and profits.

Moving your business to the Cloud sounds complicated right? Well, here’s the secret – it really isn’t, in fact it’s super simple and it’s also likely to reduce your costs, calls to your IT supplier and make your operations simpler and more efficient – which is great because that’s the stuff that makes peoples’ day to day lives easier and happier!

This Masterclass will introduce you to simple ‘swipe and deploy’ tools that we have successfully used to move hundreds of small businesses to the cloud.

This masterclass will allow you to:

  • Implement a more efficient, cost effective and resilient IT infrastructure.
  • Maximise successful implementation through following the simple 100x Cloud checklist.
  • Make your people happier through making day to day tasks easier and quicker.
  • Identify way of doing things differently to drive efficiency and profitability.

Masterclass Dates:

  • Workshop 1: Tuesday 7th December 2021 – 1 – 3pm
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 14th December 2021 – 1- 3pm
  • Workshop 3: Tuesday 21st December 2021 – 1 – 3pm

Workshop 1: Technology drivers & challenges you need to plan for

This two-hour workshop will begin the development of your cloud strategy

  • 10 common cloud implementation mistakes to avoid
  • Key technology drivers you need to plan for
  • Leading a 100X Cloud Culture
  • Post-workshop exercise: using the template and toolkit, review cloud strategy plan.

Workshop 2: Be ready to fail because only then are you ready to succeed

The second of three workshops will begin to delve deeper into the development of your cloud strategy.

  • How to identify the hidden assumptions within your cloud strategy
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and failure
  • Disrupt or be distributed, how David beat Goliath
  • Post workshop exercise: Using the template and toolkit, Review your cloud strategy plan

Workshop 3: Building your 100X Cloud Strategy

This workshop will focus on bringing it all together and delivering your cloud strategy plan

  • Digital Maturity Framework Model
  • Digital Strategy Map
  • Idea Selection Tool
  • Action Plan

About the facilitator:

Leon McQuade:

This Masterclass will be delivered by Leon McQuade: Co-Founder of ‘Think Cloud’. Multi-Award Winning Cyber Security & Managed IT Services Provider. Our mission is to help our customers succeed through the adoption and use of digital technology.

Think Cloud works with clients from all sectors, including local Government, Ministry of Defence Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Financial Sectors.

Leon also heads up the digital technology strategy of a charity organisation called ‘Andy’s Man Club’, which is one of the UK’s fastest-growing men’s mental health charities. Leon led their digital transformation and adoption of Google Workspace in response to COVID 19, moving all clubs (46) online and using Google Workspace to underpin its digital transformation, changing employees’ behaviours at speed while continuing growth and efficiencies programmes.

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