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WEBINAR: Developing A Cyber-Smart Business with Live Hacking Simulation

This webinar is designed to complement your Cyber-Security protective measures.

Learn how resilient your organisation is to a cyber attack and to evaluate your readiness to respond to critical cyber incidents.

All organisations will experience security incidents at some point.

Find out how Cyber-Crime is set to cost the World £7.5 Trillion Annually By 2025! If we measured this growth based on a country, Cyber-Crime would be the world’s third-largest economy. To put that into perspective 3x larger than the current UK economy!

It’s reported that almost 46% of businesses and over 26% of charities across the UK reported having Cyber-Security breaches or attacks in the past 12 months alone! However, 97% of these breaches could have been prevented. Investment in establishing effective incident management policies and processes will help to improve resilience, support business continuity, improve customer and stakeholder confidence and potentially reduce adverse impact.

The webinar will show you…

  • How hackers launch attacks using simple social engineering
  • How Phishing attacks can lead to Ransomware Infection
  • How Russian hackers easily exploit free wifi

You will learn through a Live Simulation – Group Exercise…

  • How to identifying and report a suspected phishing email
  • How to responding to a ransomware attack


Tuesday 19th October 2021 @ 10am

Presented By:

This webinar will be delivered by Leon McQuade: Co-Founder of ‘Think Cloud’ who are a Multi-Award Winning Cyber Security & Managed IT Services Provider. Their mission is to help customers succeed through the adoption and use of digital technology. Clients come from all sectors, including Local Government, Ministry of Defence Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Financial Sectors.