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4 things we learnt about Showcase benefits from BECBC event

As our Virtual Digital Technology Showcase Cumbria approaches (Thursday 7 October – more details here), it’s good to look back and see what we learnt from July’s joint event with Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC).

  1. Cumbria is leading the UK and the world in some areas of technology

Rob Buckingham and Rav Chunital spoke about robotics initiatives in the nuclear decommissioning sector and it rapidly became clear that Sellafield and Cumbria-based technology is leading the world. New approaches to incubator infrastructure bringing start-ups and new technologies together is all contributing to growth and success.

If you’re leading your field, why not take a virtual exhibition booth at the Showcase and tell the world?

  1. Cumbria already has expertise with a UK-wide value

Anna Wilson from Indelible Data talked about data security and Cyber Essentials, the benefits of the accreditation and the next steps in protecting digital assets. Indelible Data has been a leader in the implementation of Cyber Essentials and is also working with the Energus team at Lillyhall to train the next generation of cyber security specialists.

If you’re an expert in ana aspect of digital technology, share your knowledge and make new contacts at the Showcase.

  1. Lockdown and the pandemic have been catalysts for digital developments

Matt Mellor of Createc shared this innovative company’s learning from lockdown and talked about the different ways that they’d tackled remote working, supporting staff, using systems and software to make an environment where the company’s team-led approach could still flourish.

If you’ve turned the threats of the pandemic into opportunities for your business, get involved in the Showcase, book a booth and take that experience out to your customers.

  1. Getting businesses together, even virtually, creates connections and opportunities

The BECBC showcase event was limited to members of the Cluster and it was obvious that those taking part in the virtual event wanted to get to know more about the businesses presenting and also about the other participants. Linked In connections were made, names noted and there was follow up after the event too.

Given these four key learning points from a focused, limited scope event with only Cumbria-based speakers, who knows what could come out of October’s showcase?

There’ll be more opportunities for cross-sector fertilisation of ideas, new faces from beyond your normal networks and presentations from national experts.

The speaker line up and programme is taking shape and the virtual exhibition is going to be buzzing too so put the date in your diary and register now.