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How LinkedIn & Twitter promoted the presence of Digital Tech Cumbria

The Digital Tech Cumbria programme is now in the final stretch before the doors finally close later in the spring. We’re proud of the digital support we’ve been able to provide to Cumbrian businesses of all shapes and sizes across the county.

Since the project started in 2020, we’ve supported business owners with an incredible range of digital projects including website advice, digital marketing support, improved broadband, social media planning, digital product development, improved digital processes, automation, cloud applications and much more.

We also ran Cumbria’s first 100% digital showcase conference and held joint events with Cumbrian partner organisations. In March 2021 we launched the county’s first Digital Skills Academy where digital experts offered detailed training on a wide range of topics, and of course, our popular weekly free webinar programme. (See below for the link to the replays).

Right from the start, we had a goal of making sure that as many Cumbrian businesses as possible were made aware of the programme and knew how to access the support available. Not surprisingly, social media played a key role in marketing the programme, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter.

How Twitter helped us build strong relationships with Cumbrian Partner Organisations

  1. The limitation in text characters (currently 280) means that people tend to be more concise than on other platforms. This cuts out the waffle and allows people to easily scan read.
  2. The chronological nature of the platform makes it easier for people to scroll back through a feed to find the tweets they are looking for. Unlike Facebook where it’s almost impossible to find something you saw earlier.
  3. Twitter makes it very simple to tag other accounts, which was a key factor in helping us build strong relationships with other organisations. The Twitter campaign developed an unofficial reciprocal momentum where the various Cumbrian enterprise organisations became very generous in sharing each other’s tweets.
  4. When we had significant announcements to make, we could pin important posts to the top of our feed to make them easy for people to see.
  5. We were also able to give a social media boost to the many Cumbrian businesses who have benefited from Digital Tech Cumbria support. Many gained new followers and new customers as a result.

LinkedIn helped us to accurately target Cumbrian business owners

LinkedIn was an obvious choice for promoting Digital Tech Cumbria right from the start. Unlike other platforms it focuses almost entirely on professional individuals, businesses and organisations. It’s also the only platform that allows us to target people via job title or role within a business. LinkedIn helped us in several ways:

  1. We were able to target and extend our reach via location, industry sector, organisation size and individual job title.
  2. We were able to see from the analytics exactly who was engaging with our posts, and whether they fit the audience criteria. From there we were able to make adjustments.
  3. Our network of digital business advisers was able to easily share the Digital Tech Cumbria posts with their own LinkedIn contacts and networks across Cumbria.
  4. To help us reach a larger audience in the lead up to our Digital Showcase conference and the launch of the Digital Skills Academy, we ran targeted social advertising campaigns. With a modest budget, LinkedIn allows you to be very specific on exactly who will see the promoted posts in their feed which generated additional interest.

Let’s not forget the spirit of Cumbria

While our social media efforts made a significant contribution to the number of businesses who have engaged with the programme, we must also acknowledge and give huge thanks to the Cumbrian community spirit. Cumbria is a unique county that thrives on sharing information and keeping the word-of-mouth marketing flowing.

If you would like to brush up on your social media skills, the webinar replays are still available on our website at